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PDFs are some of the best file formats to use whether in an office or scholarly context. This is because they are designed to retain information as it is and can be shared among different people without altering their layout. They are also compatible with all Windows Versions making them the ideal official documents. However, there are instances that you may need to extract some information or all the information for alternative use. One of the ways to do that is by typing the PDF content in a new Word file.

However, that would be time-consuming especially in cases where you want to get all the information on the PDF document. Top PDF to Word converters come in handy saving you from the hustle of copying a PDF document word for word. There are numerous web-based converters that are free and which can help you convert a PDF file into an editable word file. There are other software that you may need to download to your desktop so as to convert your PDFs. Some of the web-based and software-based converters may cost you some money while others are free. This review will focus on both web-based and desktop based applications that are worth considering for PDF to Word conversion. Some of the tools to look out for include the following:

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PDF Hero Converter


PDF Hero allows you to convert your PDF files to Word files in a simple manner.  To begin with, the new version has a few modifications to ensure that users get the best experience while at it. It is a web-based converter which means that the user does not have to download it to their computers. The tool allows for numerous other file format output making it a great choice. In the event that you would be interested in specific parts of a PDF or when you may want to merge PDFs, then PDF hero comes in handy. For a start, you can easily compress a PDF document into a smaller size so as to send it to other people without delays.

Another function is that the tool can extract pages from a PDF. This makes it possible to only convert the parts of the document that the user may be interested in avoiding time wastage. PDF hero has added a “save” menu making the saving of your converted word files possible. You can get the PDF to DOC converter at a low fee of $20 which is manageable. However, it is important to note that the converter does not convert PDF to DOX file but only DOC file which is rather outdated. In addition, it is best used for personal purposes and not for office purposes as it cannot handle numerous documents at the same time.

Talkhelper PDF to Word Converter

Talkhelper is also a PDF to Word converter that is worth considering. As a matter of fact, its features make it one of the best PDF to DOC converter on the web. The first thing that you notice with the tool is that it has a friendly UI which is not as complicated as what you get with other software. Converting your PDF to editable word files is quite simple as you will only need to upload your file and select the output format that you need which in this case will be Word. Some of the features that place it at the top as a PDF to DOCX converter is that you can convert numerous PDF files at the same time. The process is quite fast and time-saving and you get accurately converted Word documents.

The security features are also incredible as you can track the number of times your documents have been opened. In addition, you can also protect your files with an encrypted password to limit the number of individuals who can access the document. Still, you can redact sensitive information from your files before sharing them. With the overview of the security features, you will agree that Talkhelper is among the best PDF to Word converter that you can come across. It is fairly affordable and offers as much as what you would get with expensive software. It worth considering the tool especially if you need it for personal or office use.


FM PDF to Word Converter

FM PDF converter_3

FM PDF to Word Converter is a free to use too and one of the most efficient software on the internet.  What makes it the best PDF to Word Converter for Windows include the fact that it is able to convert PDF files to DOCX and DOC format giving you an opportunity to select the best output format.  The created Word document has clear images, retained layout and can easily be editted. One thing that stands out about the software is that it is standalone and does not depend on third party software to be installed.

There are video tutorials that make it easy for you to learn how to convert PDF to DOCX files which makes it easy for first-time users to interact with the software. You may also like the fact that it allows for batch processing enabling it to convert numerous PDF files to Word Documents within a short period of time. In addition, it has an excellent cloud-based conversion engine that guarantees accuracy.

This makes it one of the best PDF to Word converters for professional and personal use. Its OCR based technology enables it to efficiently convert scanned documents to DOC files. For security purposes, converted DOC files are deleted from the server right after the conversion process. It is a simple yet useful converter.


Soda PDF Pro

Soda PDF Converter_3

Soda PDF Pro stands out as one of the best PDF to word converter software as it adapts to the latest office technology. It is a cloud-based tool which is basically how most businesses want to operate in their day to day activities. Unlike most PDF to Word converters where you may need to have the software on your desktop, Soda PDF Pro is quite different as it is online based. Whereas a desktop based application is also available, you can still access all your PDFs and Word documents while commuting. You, therefore, get the freedom to work on your documents even while you are away from your office. Some of the features that make it stand out include the fact that it can transform scanned documents into editable files with the use of the optical character recognition technology.


The accuracy of the converted document is high as you get images that are unaltered, layouts that are similar to the original document and rows and columns that are in their right places.  In addition, you can also modify your pages, split or merge your files and edit the text after conversion. The security features that you get are way above what you get with most tools as you can redact sensitive information which you may not want to share with others.

You also get to encrypt your documents with passwords making them accessible to a few people whom you have authorized. Another amazing feature that you get includes batch conversion which allows you to convert numerous PDF files to DOC files within a short period of time. You can get a free trial soda PDF to Word to try out some of the features on the converter so as to decide whether or not to purchase it.


Icecream PDF to Word Converter


Icecream PDF to Word Converter is a desktop application that can be used to convert your PDF files to editable Word files. It has a simple UI which has cartoon-like icons. The icons not only make it inviting to first-time users but also brings a touch of fun that breaks the monotony as viewed on other converter software. The first glance may give you the idea that it is not capable of performing some of the conversion functions that you may need. However, you will be surprised as it has loads of features that make it stand out. To begin with, it has the ability to convert password protected PDF files to Word which is a unique feature since most tools are unable to bypass passwords. It is very easy to use as the user only needs to drag and drop the PDF document that they want to be converted and give the command for it to be converted to a DOCX file.

You can also merge different PDF files into a single file before converting it. This makes it easy as you will not have to convert numerous PDF files but have the option of getting a single Word file that contains all the information that you need. In the event that you are looking for a converter that you can use for personal use, then Icecream is ideal for you. It offers one of the best deals in the market as you can use it for free for as long as you want until you are ready to upgrade to a more advanced option. The free version can enable you to interact with the tool so as to determine whether you may want to have the pro version which is better.


Nuance Power PDF Converter

Nance Power boasts of its intuitive editing feature that makes PDF conversion to Word quite simple and fast.  Converting PDFs to editable Word requires a powerful software that can retain the original format without altering images, graphics or columns. This makes it easy for you to manipulate your converted document whereby you can edit it and add information that may be necessary. In addition to that, Nuance Power has other features that make it an interesting tool such as its batch conversion ability which is fast and time-saving.

You can also merge and split PDF files which come in handy when you are sorting what you need and what you may not need. The UI is optimized for Windows and has been created to work with touchscreen devices. Unlike most PDF to Word converters, several people can work on a single document over a network making it the ideal software for large businesses. Its ability to offer real-time collaboration makes it one of the best PDF to Word converter.


Nemo PDF to Word Converter

Nemo PDF to word converter_3

Nemo is one of the best PDF to Word converter software. The tool can be used to convert PDF to editable word files within a short period of time. It is a great tool for first-time users as it has a friendly UI. The homepage is not as complicated and is somewhat colorful giving it an inviting look. It is quite simple to use as it converts PDFs to DOC and RTF formats which make it stand out from most tools as it doesn’t have numerous options to choose from. This means that a user can easily find the output mode that they need without much of a hustle.

The conversion process is also simple as one needs to select the PDF document they want to convert, and then select the desired format which in this case is the word file. One then selects the file folder they want the converted document to be stored in. Three steps are enough for you to convert a PDF to an editable Word file. In addition, images, layouts and the paper format of the original PDF are retained on the converted documents.

This means that the user does not have to worry about editing in order to get a copy similar to the original document. Other features that you get include the batch conversion ability allowing you to run many PDF files at the same time. Upon downloading, you get a free trial period that ensures that you interact with the PDF to Word converter before you choose whether or not to buy it.



Final Verdict

There are several options to choose from which offer some of the best features that anyone would want to work with. However, you are limited as you will only have to settle for one tool depending on your needs. It is, therefore, necessary to determine whether you need one for business or personal use. The decision will enable you to choose a tool that is affordable and most suitable for your day to day work.

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